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Marriage Retreats

You know you love your spouse, but sometimes you just don’t understand them.  Even if you have managed to figure them out (most of the time) even the most veteran married couples will agree, every marriage can be strengthened even further. 


Come to this Strengths-Based Marriage retreat and get tools to strengthen your marriage. Learn to understand yourself, your spouse & your relationship!


You and your spouse will receive:

  • 10 hours of marriage strengthening retreat

  • Two assessment codes (one for each of you) for the StrengthsFinder tool.

  • Personalized Workbooks to use at the retreat


Join us ready to work! We’ll be talking, laughing, sharing, thinking and writing. 

Marriage Retreats

Life Coaching

Coaching is not just for Executives and Entrepreneurs.  Its for anyone looking to make a change in their life. 


People who are ready to invest in themselves work with a Life Coach to open up possibilities in otherwise stuck places. 

Gambit's Life Coaching is flexible and customizable, with weekly or bi-weekly meetings, lasting 3 months, 6 months or a year, depending on your goals and your unique situation.

Together we will discover your personal drivers that motivate and energize you all the way to your goals.

Life Coaching

StrengthsFinder Access Codes

Top 5 - StrengthsFinder Assessment

Access Code: $20.00

Whole 34 - StrengthsFinder Assessment

Access Code: $50.oo

StrengthsFinder Codes
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