You know you're ready to move forward, go deeper and get better results.  But which service is right for you?  Coaching, Consulting and Facilitating each offer specific benefits to meet the variety of challenges you face, while StrengthsFinder workshops energize your goals.  This page will help you determine the Gambit services that meet your needs.


Leaders and Executives partner with Coaches to discover their unique path to effective team and organizational leadership, self-awareness, goal setting, interpersonal communication...

Individual Coaching


Leaders partner with Facilitators to make meetings effective, use time & resources well, and to get the most of everyone's expertise ...

High Functioning Team

Organization Development Consulting

Organizations partner with Consultants to increase system-wide capability and capacity...

StrengthsFinder Workshop


Organizational Leaders partner with Workshop Facilitators to create effective, constructive, and focused learning experiences for working through team development and business issues together...

Team Facilitation


Organization and Team Leaders partner with Consultants to integrate new leaders, assess leadership effectiveness, develop leadership ability, overcome structural issues...

Organizational Development Consulting

StrengthsFinder Access Codes

Top 5 - StrengthsFinder Assessment

Access Code: $20.00

Whole 34 - StrengthsFinder Assessment

Access Code: $50.oo


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