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Peer Support for Women Entrepreneurs

(It's a clunky name, I know. Got a better idea? I'd love to hear it!)

I want to apply!

Join with a small group of women solo entrepreneurs in their launch phase to collaboratively weave solutions to the challenges you face as a business owner. 

You'll go deep with your fellow participants celebrating successes, addressing challenges and cheering each other on as we all pursue our goals together. 



Who is it for?

Women entrepreneurs who are in a launch phase. "Launch phase" can meet a lot of different things to different people. For some it might mean they're shaping their idea. For others it might mean they've been in business for a bit and have some revenue, but want to scale things up a notch. There's no right answer here, but groups will be formed with people who are in similar places so everyone can benefit.

What is the format?

There are a lot of ways a mastermind group can be formatted (check out the FAQ if you're curious). This group will be a paid, facilitated, peer group. Each group will have four members, plus me as facilitator. The group will meet for 8 sessions over four months, connecting every other Monday afternoon. Each hour-long session will divide the time equally between participants and each participant's time will be divided into four categories:

  • What you're celebrating or grateful for

  • Your current challenge & specific feedback you're requesting

  • Clarifying questions from the group

  • Group discussion of your challenge focused on the feedback you've asked for

When is it? 

Join the Waitlist by emailing me at


What does it cost?


There are eight sessions total so if you're the sort of person that likes to think of prices in terms of how much each session would cost, it works out to $100 a session, assuming you never miss one. The fee is due in full when you've been accepted. It is important to note this fee cannot be pro-rated and unfortunately, there are no refunds (even if you can't make a session for any reason).

Are you an entrepreneurial expert?

Nope. Not even a little bit. I will not be able to teach you how to make your business a success. Remember this group is NOT a teacher/trainer model. Instead, we are using a peer-model. You and your peers are the experts that are helping and engaging with each other's challenges. My expertise is in organizational psychology & coaching. My value is in actively shaping the group itself. Facilitating the conversation, keeping things moving in a helpful direction and helping you get the value you're looking for.


Are you a good facilitator?

Here is what others say:

Sarah is a creative and superb facilitator. Her ability to engage people in learning creates an environment that ensures success in meeting objectives. Sarah has the ability to create synergy with team members making the team better than the sum of their parts. - Sean  

It felt very safe and comfortable to be honest and open, with room for questions and explanations. I appreciated Sarah's patience and respect for each person and their process. - Elaine

Sarah has a gift for being able to quickly and kindly help me get unstuck by asking simple, straightforward questions. She is never judgmental, always supportive, and has a very practical and grounded way of approaching situations. - Jen

Sarah has a rare ability to draw the best out of people. She is adept at posing simple questions which profoundly switch your perspective and make you realize new possibilities. Sarah can both challenge and encourage at the same time! - Mike

Sarah creates a warm and safe environment that I feel relaxed and comfortable sharing what is happening in my life.  She continues to help me in my transformation of growing, learning and making changes in all areas of my life. - Margaret 


Sarah was able to herd cats and bring focus and meaning to seemingly random thoughts and conversation. - Christy



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